White Nerve Connection

White Nerve Connection was founded in 1997. After playing a few concerts and participating in compilations of CDs presenting industrial artists, the project suspended its activity. This period is documented by the 2010 album “From the diary of Mr. B”.

After a long silence and return as a duo in 2013 with the material “Maria Sabina”, with guest Joanna John, White Nerve Connection presents a melange of ritual beats in ambient sauce, dadaistic city calls, combined with the tradition of classics of electro-current and ethnic music, submerged in the echoes of club music.

The album Jam Ball A is a record of several White Nerve Connection appearances at various music festivals, such as Intermedia (Legnica), Transwizje (Warsaw), Temple of Silence (Ostrów Wielkopolski) in 2013-2018. The last album Man is a Speaker was recorded live at Intermediale Festival and LEM Festival in 2021.


Man is a Speaker (2023)


1. Man is a Speaker Part 1
2. Man is a Speaker Part 2
3. Man is a Speaker Part 3
4. Man is a Speaker Part 4
5. Man is a Speaker Part 5
6. Man is a Speaker Part 6
7. Man is a Speaker Part 7

Recorded at Intermediale Festival, Poland 2021 and LEM Festival, Spain 2021

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Trang (2020)


1. Le Lai
2. Cu Chi
3. Bach Khoa   
4. Tuol St 350
5. Bui Vien
6. Tinh Do Tong

Recorded at Intermediale Festival 2020.

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Jam Ball A (2019)


1· Ratatöskr (_Yea.ssod)
2· Pad My Pan I
3· Rats Now Some Bow Yaw
4· Jam Ball A
5· Gun Apathy
6· Cub Her Up
7· Ax Hob Yew (_Redo)
8· Eclipse
9· Ouroboros (Maia)

The compilation of live recordings of White Nerve Connection.

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Stories of María Sabina (2013)


1. María Sabina Chapter I (10:40)
2. María Sabina Chapter II (10:24)
3. María Sabina Chapter III (11:13)

Stories of María Sabina is the second album of White Nerve Connection, it was inspired by chants of Maria Sabina.

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From the diary of Mr. B (2004)

1. Water drops (05:02)
2. Keter (06:10)
3. Limbo (06:05)
4. Bellisima (05:24)
5. Res-breath (02:20)
6. Playground (04:55)
7. Balance is still (08:34)
8. Smetka (05:08)
9. Psychillout skit (01:16)
10. Make me horny (03:27)
11. The hand tells everything (05:20)
12. Selfmonster (05:48)
13. Marshall’s course (06:02)

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